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Friday, August 12, 2016

Tarkan's Harbiye Shows Find Sponsor

By Steffan Matrak posted from Moscow, Russia

All Tarkan's six performances at Istanbul’s Cemil Topuzlu Open Air Stage in September are still on sale having failed to sell out yet - but the singer has found a sponsor.

UPDATE: More sponsors for Harbiye >>

Major music station Kral, whose parent media company shares close working ties with Tarkan's current music label DMC, is now backing the series of shows, indicating that any rift between pop star and label has been resolved for the time being.

Kral's pop radio arm will push advertising and promotion and give away tickets from its radio station to fill seats. It will also manage positive promotion in the media to bolster Tarkan's image on opening night.

The iconic singer, who refused to share his condolences with the civilians who lost their lives during a failed coup on his social media outlets, has been struggling to sell tickets for his September shows.

Tarkan was also absent from a mass rally in Istanbul last Sunday, where hundreds of thousands of people gathered under the hashtag #TurkeyUnited to protest against last month's attempted coup.

The artist did sign a "No to Coup" manifesto released by celebrities days after the attacks, however, followed by an appearance to protest the failed 15 July coup in a TV advert running the slogan, "We are citizens of Turkey, we won't give in to coups or terrorism".

The line-up to the Harbiye concerts also reveals a change of heart by the singer who has decided to focus on his classical album instead of sidelining it for a pop release as previously planned.

Rumours from the Tarkan camp say that there are plans in place to tighten security for the shows as there are fears members of the public may bring rotten fruit to throw at the singer in protest of his political views.

It is also suggested that along with tighter security and extra body searches, flags of all descriptions will be banned from the singer's September shows.

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