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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Tweet Buzz, More Harbiye Sponsors

By Steffan Matrak posted from Moscow, Russia

Tarkan's current music label DMC's exec Samsun Demir has answered a fan's question that there would be news at the end of August from the star, while two more backers have been found for the upcoming Harbiye shows.

UPDATE: No end of August news from Tarkan >>

Demir also added that the new album would not be ready by the start of the Harbiye shows and fans have took his tweets to mean that a video to "Cuppa" may be in the works to be released at the end of August instead.

The star released "Cuppa" over a month ago, and after weeks of major radio airplay and digital streaming the club inspired pop track has failed to capture the public's imagination. His studio album comeback has stuttered due to his digital single failing to be a summer smash.

It's hoped that a video to the track might add screen time to the viewing figures and help the song finally gain traction on the official singles chart, and save it from the social shade it's failed to shake off.

Apathy to the song has been such that the Harbiye line up has changed to focus on Tarkan's classical album, instead of sidelining it for the previously planned pop release.

The news comes as the artist's series of September shows appear to be struggling with ticket sales, as hugely discounted family packages and free ticket giveaways roll in thanks to two more eleventh hour sponsors.

UPDATE: Tarkan shows sell out finally >>

It's rumoured more sponsors were hurriedly found at the last minute to deflect any criticism that main sponsor music station Kral will be skewing chart lists, in the run up to the Harbiye shows, to push "Cuppa" up their charts in opposition to official figures.

UPDATE: Tarkan slips down Kral's published figures >>

Of interest to "Cuppa" critics will be that one of the sponsors is private hospital group Kolan. The singer had come under criticism by some who said the public were paying for what respected musicians have described as music for children, simply so Tarkan could pay for his new wife's cosmetic surgery and IVF treatment - as it's reported the couple are looking to conceive a child.

Critics will ask if it's coincidence that the hospital sponsoring the singer is rumoured to be the same treating his wife, pulling more shade over the artist for appearing to be paying his hospital bills directly out of the public's pocket.

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