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Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Decade of Waste

Eleven years ago I wrote a blog post celebrating Earth Day. Reading back, and over a decade later things are looking bleak.

Thirty or so years before that Earth Day was born, but with the way things are, thirty years from now we may have even less to celebrate.

Instead, today has become a day of campaign and protest. With a climate-change sceptic in the White House, marchers worldwide are spreading a message of hope that protest and science can save the world.

As I said eleven years previous, loving the world as we love ourselves, our parents and our children will save the world.

If we cherish the grass, sand and soil beneath our feet, and give respect to every living thing in their place in the natural order of our world, if we learn to give back what we take from the planet, we wouldn't need to protest.

So: Learn to tiptoe, human, not stamp your feet through this house. Wipe your feet. Clean up after yourself. Leave things as you found them. Learn to share as the need to share the air.

Learn to show the world the courtesy it deserves for giving us life and infinite beauty.

It's common sense.

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