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Monday, April 10, 2017

Ten Things: Did You Know...?

Jasper, a five-year-old ginger tom, belongs to the deputy librarian at the Marshall Library of Economics
Jasper helps students with exam stress/CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY.

News nuggets clipped, culled and cut from the press.

  1. The synchronised steps of Irish dancing are a mesmerising sight but not recommended for travelling in lifts, a Belfast hotel has advised.
  2. A three-legged cat adopted by a Cambridge University library is being used to help relieve students' stress during the exam season.
  3. A quarter of people who describe themselves as Christians in Great Britain do not believe in the resurrection of Jesus, a survey commissioned by the BBC suggests.
  4. Egypt's president has announced a three-month state of emergency after attacks on two Coptic churches that killed at least 45 people.
  5. A viral photo of a woman smiling at an English Defence League protester in Birmingham was snapped after she stepped in to defend another woman being threatened by the EDL.
  6. Concerns over an increase in anti-social behaviour fuelled by former legal high spice - said to leave users in a "zombie-like" state - has prompted a police crackdown in Manchester.
  7. A UK judge has been disciplined for offering to pay a fine for a teenager who stabbed a peadophile in the stomach.
  8. Uruguay's prison population has more than doubled since 2000. Prisons are currently 9% over their capacity.
  9. The chance of a European being killed by militants has fallen sharply over the past four decades.
  10. An elderly man lay dead and undiscovered in his flat for three years in Scotland.

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