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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Ten Things: Did You Know...?

The release of the first issue of X-Men Gold generated controversy in Indonesia
Marvel's X-Men Gold has generated controversy in Indonesia/MARVEL.

News nuggets pawed, pawned and printed from the press.

  1. Americans can volunteer to watch people die, while in the US five parents a week on average are killed by their children.
  2. Marvel Comics has had to apologise and alter its latest comic release after one of its Muslim artists made hidden references to Quranic verse interpreted to state Muslims should not appoint Jews and Christians as their leader.
  3. The G7 group of nations has rejected new sanctions against Russia and Syria after a chemical attack moved Donald Trump to strike a Syrian airbase. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson denied he suffered a "defeat" after the G7 group of nations rejected his proposal.
  4. North Korea has said it will defend itself "by powerful force of arms" in response to the US deployment of a Navy strike group to the Korean peninsula.
  5. Vaccines save millions of lives around the world every year. But there's alarm from some doctors in the US after suggestions President Trump could commission a new vaccine safety committee to bolster those deciding not to immunise their children.
  6. There are 51,000 children on a waiting list to become Scouts, Beavers, Cubs or Explorers, according to the organisation behind the movement, while a former scout leader has been jailed for nine years for abusing boys over a 41-year period.
  7. A camp housing 1,500 migrants in northern France has been destroyed in a fire that officials said began during a fight.
  8. When British shopkeeper Amo Singh was badly beaten after defending a Polish teenager from a gang attack, the Polish community responded by calling for Amo to be officially invited to Poland as a VIP.
  9. After Australian newsreader Natasha Exelby was caught in a blooper on live television and appeared to have been removed from her post, other newsreaders posted their own bloopers online in support.
  10. Climate change scientists are to travel to the Himalayas in a bid to become the first team to successfully drill through the world's highest glacier with a 'car wash drill', while research scientists think Komodo dragon blood contains an important compound which could offer a new treatment for infected wounds.

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