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Saturday, April 08, 2017

Twenty Things: Did You Know...?

Arabs on social media are showering Donald Trump praise
Arab social media users praise Abu Ivanka/FACEBOOK.

News nuggets nooked and nonchanantly noosed from the press.

  1. Researchers have found that the brain "doubles up" by simultaneously making two memories of events. One is for the here-and-now and the other for a lifetime.
  2. A group of friends planning a trip to Majorca asked a complete stranger to go with them when a friend dropped out - because he had the same name.
  3. A family have cashed in a bet on Red Rum winning the Grand National 43 years ago - after discovering an unclaimed betting slip.
  4. Fashionistas sporting fabulous frocks and fascinators have flocked to Aintree for Ladies Day, known for its drunkenness and disorder, while a Canadian province has scrapped the dress code which requires female employees to wear high heels.
  5. A single father was reported to police on suspicion of being a peadophile after he checked into a Travelodge with his 13-year-old daughter, while a non-white English judge has said she was often mistaken for a witness or defendant when she started working as a lawyer.
  6. A woman in England who claimed she was bundled into a car and raped in front of her toddler has been arrested on suspicion of wasting police time.
  7. British police have warned owners of short-term holiday lets that their properties are increasingly being used for as pop-up brothels, as prostitutes have begun to go "on tour".
  8. An Indian Muslim was beaten to death for being a diary farmer by members of a cow protection vigilante group in India.
  9. The Basque militant group Eta says it will hand over all its weapons, marking the end of the last insurgency in Europe.
  10. Arab social media users are showering Donald Trump with praise as Abu Ivanka - Father of Ivanka, a sign of respect and endearment, after he ordered the first direct US military action against Syrian government forces following a suspected chemical attack on a rebel-held town.
  11. Saudi Arabia has unveiled plans for an entertainment city, although it is unclear how it will work in a country where women and men are largely segregated.
  12. It's illegal in Russia to share an image of Vladimir Putin as a "potentially gay clown".
  13. Dutch men are uploading pictures of themselves holding hands to social media to stand against homophobia after an attack on gay men in the Netherlands.
  14. The celebrity feud between Julianna Margulies and Archie Panjabi on the set of The Good Wife was so bad they filmed their final scene apart and were stuck together in post-production afterwards.
  15. American political drama House of Cards has a huge following in China.
  16. YouTube has more than one billion users around the world.
  17. Millions of pieces of man-made trash are now orbiting the Earth, while most of the air on Mars was "lost to space".
  18. Medieval villagers chopped up the dead to stop them coming back as zombies.
  19. If you are a night owl, it might be down to a genetic mutation.
  20. Bob Dylan has finally accepted his Nobel Prize.

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