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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Thirty Things: Did You Know...?

Leicester City fans were involved in further clashes with Spanish police ahead of their Champions League tie against Atletico Madrid
Leicester City fans clash with Spanish police in Madrid/BBC.

What in the world have we done to the world? News nuggets taken, tabbed and tagged from the press.

  1. There is growing concern that many of the algorithms that make decisions about our lives - from what we see on the internet to how likely we are to become victims or instigators of crime - are racist.
  2. The mayor of Liverpool has condemned a newspaper article about Everton midfielder Ross Barkley as "racist and prehistoric", prompting the columnist's suspension.
  3. A detective who allegedly placed a toy monkey on a black colleague's desk has been accused of gross misconduct.
  4. German police are investigating a doubtful Islamic extremist link to the bombing of the Borussia Dortmund football team's bus, while Turkish Dortmund player Nuri Sahin gave an emotional interview after the match suggesting the game was played too soon after the attack.
  5. Leicester City fans were subjected to what appeared to be an unprovoked attack from Spanish police in Madrid for the Champions League quarter-final. Social media videos shot shows injured fans and officers in body armour wielding batons in further attacks.
  6. A lack of clarity and increasing secrecy over US foreign policy is a growing cause of concern for America's friends, as Trump flip-flops over Nato saying it is "no longer obsolete" while dropping the largest non-nuclear bomb ever used by the US in a conflict on Afghanistan.
  7. China has warned that "conflict could break out at any moment" as tension over North Korea increases. Adding to Chinese unease and the fear of a thermo-nuclear war, President Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday that the US was not afraid of acting alone on North Korea.
  8. The US claims Russia has tried to deflect blame for the deadly chemical attack in Khan Sheikhoun away from the Syrian government, while Syria's President Bashar al-Assad says reports of a chemical attack by his forces were "100% fabrication".
  9. The east of Ukraine is now a Russian-backed "republic" at war with the rest of Ukraine proper, while Russian broadcaster Channel One will not broadcast the Eurovision Song Contest next month because the country's singer has been barred from host country Ukraine.
  10. Russia has been strongly criticised by the European Court of Human Rights, which has ruled that it failed to take measures to prevent the school siege in the city of Beslan in 2004, in which more than 330 people died.
  11. A special prosecutor in Montenegro has charged 14 people, including two Russians, with plotting to overthrow the government last October.
  12. Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is defending his decision to put to death seven prisoners over an 11-day period. The executions have drawn international attention and have been condemned by rights groups as an "assembly line" and a violation of the US legal process.
  13. Nigeria's road safety organisation has disciplined a senior commander after he was filmed punishing female employees by cutting off their long hair, while it has been three years since more than 270 girls were abducted from the dormitory of a secondary school in Nigeria by militant Islamist group Boko Haram.
  14. A doctor in the US city of Detroit has been charged with carrying out female genital mutilation (FGM) on young girls in what is believed to be the first case of its kind in the country.
  15. Charities are sounding the alarm over what they say is the underreported issue of male "honour" abuse victims. The concept of honour is a cultural rather than a religious tradition and crosses conservative communities - be they Hindu, Muslim or Sikh.
  16. When Tony Abbott, as Australian prime minister in 2014, appeared to support a ban on the burka being worn in Parliament House, award-winning photographer Fabian Muir had one response. He trekked across his homeland, camera in hand, pitting a cobalt-blue burqa against Australia's most forbidding, and beautiful, terrains.
  17. A 13-year-old girl was among three people found guilty of a "brutal" race hate attack on two Muslim women, while in another "hate crime" a brick thrown through the window of a Polish family home landed in a baby's cot and could have caused "serious injury", police have said.
  18. In the UK, more than 50,000 disabled people have had specially adapted vehicles taken away since changes to disability benefits in 2013, while two private firms that assess people claiming disability benefits will get nearly £200m more than officials had originally expected.
  19. A US couple are accused of murdering their adopted disabled son and razing the house to cover up the crime after watching movie Manchester by the Sea.
  20. Children as young as four are suffering from mental health problems such as panic attacks, anxiety and depression, British teachers say.
  21. Doctors can withdraw life support from a sick baby with a rare genetic condition against his parents' wishes, a High Court judge has ruled in England, but the parents have vowed to continue the legal fight to give their baby "one chance at life".
  22. A judge has been sacked after using a pseudonym to post abusive comments on a newspaper website about cases he had been involved in, while US judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam, the first black woman to serve in New York's highest court, has been found dead in the city's Hudson River.
  23. Gun crime offences in London surged by 42% in the last year, according to official statistics, while across the globe a 15-year-old Australian boy has died after being shot in his bed in what police describe as an "execution style" shooting.
  24. Four "reckless" youths who tied a metal ladder to railway tracks in Scotland are being hunted by police.
  25. A woman in Scotland who stole more than £21,000 from her great-aunt's bank account while she was in hospital has been given a community sentence.
  26. An Ohio woman has been charged with raping a male cab driver at knifepoint before she and another man robbed him, while Scottish police investigating a report that a man was raped while threatened with a weapon have now said no offence took place after checking CCTV.
  27. Cambridgeshire County Council failed to protect a 15-year-old girl from being sexually abused by her teacher, where on several occasions he tied her to a radiator with a dog collar, told her not to move and sit there naked in the classroom.
  28. Students at an elite boarding school in the US were sexually abused by at least 12 members of staff over a period of four decades, according to a report.
  29. A 27 year-old white male nurse who filmed himself raping a three year-old girl has been jailed for 19 years as the victim's heartbroken mother reveals she can no longer "bear to look" at her daughter.
  30. A 47 year-old sadomasochist tortured his 27 year-old lover with a home-made taser, sending 240 volts through her vagina while she was strapped to a wooden board, a court has been told. The bondage-lover's antics went much further than anything featured in the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey film and novels his ex-lover said.

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