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Thursday, April 20, 2017

Twenty Things: Did You Know...?

Rising tensions between the US and North Korea
Rising tensions between the US and North Korea/THE NATIONAL.

News items nuked into nuggets for your reading convenience.

  1. Racism motivated Donald Trump voters more than authoritarianism, studies show, while the alt-right, pro-Trump group known as the Proud Boys sponsored a racist protest that descended into violence at Berkeley’s Civic Center Park on Saturday.
  2. Trump has demanded he is transported in the Queen's gold carriage on his state visit to the UK - despite his predecessor opting for a less traditional vehicle - leaving security chiefs with a "monster" operation to plan.
  3. In international law there is legal justification for Trump's military action in Syria, grounded in the "responsibility to protect" doctrine, also known as R2P.
  4. China and Russia have dispatched spy vessels to shadow Trump's "missing armada" as it finally steams to North Korean waters, amid rising tensions over nuclear war, while Trump's claims that his foreign policy endeavours have exposed the "total failure" of the eight years of his predecessor at the White House.
  5. Donald Trump Jr's tweet of a photo of himself donning a green T-shirt featuring the words "Very Fake News" has been photoshopped into historical events, awakening conspiracy theories online.
  6. A man suspected of randomly shooting a grandfather and posting video of it to Facebook has taken his own life.
  7. A driver filmed screaming obscenities at BBC presenter Jeremy Vine as he cycled through London has been jailed for threatening behaviour.
  8. Three white men were killed and another wounded when a black gunman opened fire in Fresno, California, in a suspected race attack, police have said.
  9. The 20 year-old man accused of killing five people at a shopping mall in Washington state last year, and recently found hanging inside his prison cell, was from Turkey.
  10. Opponents have questioned the results of a referendum in Turkey, which chose an executive presidency by a narrow lead, and which international observers labelled as well administered but unequal.
  11. British prime minister Theresa May in a political U-turn has called for a snap general election to secure the backing of the British people for her Brexit negotiations.
  12. Algerian political parties have agreed to show female candidates' faces after some posters displayed blank avatars instead.
  13. Almost unknown when she died of skin cancer in 1996, American singer Eva Cassidy posthumously took the British charts by storm with a haunting cover of Somewhere Over The Rainbow in 2001.
  14. Prince Harry has revealed he sought counselling after coming close to a "complete breakdown" while struggling to deal with the death of his mother, Diana, Princess of Wales.
  15. Gay people will receive a formal apology from the Church of Scotland following its long "history of discrimination", according to Sottish newspapers.
  16. The British theatre, film and opera director Michael Bogdanov went on trial at the Old Bailey in 1982 for staging an act of simulated male sex in the play The Romans in Britain.
  17. Popular Australian blogger Constance Hall's blog following rocketed from 2,000 to 70,000 followers overnight after she posted her thoughts on "parent sex".
  18. A police officer in England has been sacked for repeatedly having sex on duty over a two year period.
  19. A judge in Utah who labelled a convicted rapist a "good man" has received a barrage of complaints.
  20. More than 250 potential suspects and 560 victims have now been identified by officers investigating child sex abuse within football in the UK.

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