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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Morning Prayer

This is my prayer to the early morning:

Early morning take off your shoes
and stroll barefoot through
the grass drenched with dew;
then come shy away the shadows
      in my darkened room
and rest your flame gently
on gaze and breath,
      and body awakening,
graze on the habit of seeing
and let the images of day
come gratefully to the eye;

for seeing is effortless - or should be;
don't strain to stare,
simply see as early morning does,

      see the blood and skin
of the rosebush,
of the petal and light burning,
mysteriously speaking between
the human rhythm of inhalations
and exhalations;
the emotional and rational,
the fast and slow;

see and be the wisdom
and the mixture between the two,
of being a foot apart
yet a step closer
      to the truth;

be the water,
and the sun your cloth
you are poured through
to filter you
of all impurity;
      let the lips of the day
when they drink of us
speak of its goodness,

      in a world where
in the waking moment
there is no table of contents
or fairy tale of warnings,
just our feelings to feed us,
this is my prayer:

      early morning,
laze with the manuka sun;
in all of nature as in sleep
wake us as one

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