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Sunday, May 28, 2017

Thirty Things: Did You Know...?

Martyn Hett was one of 22 people killed in Manchester
Martyn Hett was one of 22 people killed in Manchester/BBC.

News nuggets picked from the press.

  1. Details have emerged about a flat Manchester bomber Salman Abedi is said to have been using in Manchester before his suicide attack, which smelled of chemicals and had crossed-out children's stickers on the walls.
  2. Martyn Hett, one of the victims of the May 22 terror attack in Manchester, was half-Turkish. The 29-year-old Twitter sensation and Mariah Carey superfan is mourned by his Turkish mum who says she has "no hate or anger" for the bomber.
  3. The suicide bomber who killed 22 people in Manchester passed through Istanbul on his way to Europe but there were no records of him entering Syria during his travels, Turkish security officials told Reuters. They said Turkey received no warning from European countries about the bomber, Salman Abedi, so he was allowed to travel on to Europe.
  4. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan said the Manchester bombing showed terrorism was a global problem and NATO allies should cooperate more closely and share information swiftly to confront it. Meanwhile the UK's Theresa May has urged world leaders to do more to combat online extremism, saying the fight against so-called Islamic State is "moving from the battlefield to the internet".
  5. UK foreign policy would change under a Labour government to one that "reduces rather than increases the threat" to the country, Jeremy Corbyn has said. He said "many experts" had linked UK involvement in wars abroad to terrorism at home, although not everyone agrees.
  6. The sister of Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi believes her "kind and loving" brother carried out the Manchester attack because he wanted revenge for US air strikes on Syria. "He saw the explosives America drops on children in Syria, and he wanted revenge. Whether he got that is between him and God," she said in an interview.
  7. Manchester bombing victim Georgina Callander's family has hit out at the Government over her death, saying it must "open its eyes" or more parents will lose children to terror and "evil, evil men".
  8. Runners and their supporters around the UK plan to create a "sea of yellow" at marathons and other running events this weekend in tribute to the victims of the Manchester Arena attack. Yellow ribbons are considered to be a symbol of hope and solidarity and people are being asked to show their support by wearing one.
  9. Hundreds of people have been queuing at Manchester tattoo parlours to get bee inkings in a show of solidarity after Monday's terrorist attack in the city, while the UK faces an "unprecedented bank holiday terror lockdown" with armed officers patrolling the streets.
  10. A father of three has penned a heartfelt open letter to Ariana Grande following the Manchester attack, advising her to sing again when she felt ready. Meanwhile Grande is to return to Manchester to play a benefit gig for the victims of the attack at her concert.
  11. Friends and family of rock singer Chris Cornell have paid their respects at his funeral service in Los Angeles. Actors Brad Pitt, Christian Bale and Josh Brolin attended as well as singers Pharrell Williams and Courtney Love.
  12. Donald Trump's son-in-law attempted to set up secret communications with Moscow a month after Mr Trump's election, US media say, while a Wisconsin sheriff known for his outspoken support of Donald Trump is accused of ordering staff to unlawfully detain a man over a brief exchange.
  13. CCTV footage shows the moment a woman rained down punches on a taxi driver after she kicked him to the ground. Gina Alexander, 25, was given a six-month suspended sentence for the attack in Newport, Isle of Wight. Ibrahim Karaca from Turkey was among three drivers attacked in April 2016, just two weeks after he had starting work as a driver.
  14. A British fugitive managed to hide "in plain sight" in America for nearly two decades, while teachers at a school in Texas are being disciplined after handing out an "award" declaring one student "most likely to become a terrorist".
  15. A student who made a bomb filled with ball bearings and left it on a Tube train has been jailed for 15 years, although he was not motivated by terrorism.
  16. An 11-year-old girl's assertion that her school was guilty of a war crime has gone viral.
  17. A man who punched a baby girl because she was crying while he was trying to watch the X-Factor on TV has been told he will be sent to prison next month.
  18. A former Texas nurse has been charged with the death of an 11-month-old baby, more than 30 years after she was jailed for killing a toddler, while a former hotel manager in Wales who sexually abused children on a webcam for other paedophiles to watch has been sentenced to 15 years in prison.
  19. Sex education in China is often poor. There are stories of male biology teachers skipping details of the female reproductive system in class and asking students to learn it by themselves.
  20. Facebook's collection of data makes it one of the most influential organisations in the world, and if it were a country it would be bigger than China.
  21. More than a century ago, a French actress-turned-aristocrat achieved her dream of building a world class museum in the north of England. But Josephine Bowes's impact on the art world was almost expunged from the history books by her widower's jealous second wife.
  22. Original artwork of people smoking and children handing out cigarettes, which once hung inside England's last tobacco factory, are set to go to auction.
  23. A cinema chain in Austin, Texas, has caused uproar after scheduling women-only screenings of Wonder Woman.
  24. Luxembourg's prime minister Xavier Bettel is the first openly gay world leader since Iceland's and Belgium's held office a few years ago.
  25. Sir Stanley Matthews remains one of England's most famous footballers and was known as the Wizard of Dribble.
  26. A fire has erupted at Wimbledon's famous tennis courts in London, while a record amount of solar power was generated on Friday as Britain basked in sunshine and temperatures of up to 28C, the National Grid has said.
  27. The Royal Geographical Society is releasing the films of the scientific explorations it sponsored in the early 20th Century to help scientists today learn more about the impact of climate change.
  28. The US is the second largest emitter of greenhouse gasses after China.
  29. Whales only became huge 2-3 million years ago, while big cats like the smell of Chanel perfume.
  30. Mouse sperm can survive in space.

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