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Friday, June 16, 2017

Tarkan Magic Makes History

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

The mega-storm that is Tarkan continues to charge through the Turkish music industry as Tarkan's 2017 studio album's release is set to break all known records, including some new ones.

The king of Turkish pop's return to claim his musical throne has seen the Turkish top twenty singles chart on iTunes completely dominated by Tarkan, as well as his album 10 immediately hitting the top spot.

Similar to Ed Sheeran's domination of the British charts by holding 16 places in its top 20, this is also a chart first in Turkey, with Tarkan holding 14 places in the top 20.

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Meanwhile, the only artist sharing a top ten slot with Tarkan, Turkish female pop singer Demet Akalın, recently spoke to the paparazzi to say that when Tarkan arrives their era "is over".

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The Turkish mega-icon of pop holds number one on the singles chart. And number two. And number three AND four, which led music label DMC's exec Samsun Demir to tweet that seeing a single artist dominate in this way is rare.

"The achievement should be noted," Demir tweeted.

How much further an artist can go after such phenomenal success is anyone's guess, but Tarkan has proven once again that he is untouchable in his domestic market.

Pop music is littered with bands and artists who have struggled to grow artistically after the first few albums, but Tarkan is one of those rare exceptions. Far less constrained by any particular genre, Tarkan shows how easily he can transcend different musical styles.

The icon has used his albums to take him into new artistic directions and seen him experimenting with new genres. The singer has not only created and stuck to the same mould, he has broken it at the same time to give every listener something to enjoy.

The fans seem to have reacted well. In the iTunes chart the top four slots are taken up by different sounds albeit all glued together by Tarkan's own special brand of magic.

It also shows that Tarkan could make a career out of songwriting if he ever gets sick of public adoration. And regardless of where he might go musically, there's little doubt about where Tarkan is headed on the live music circuit.

Two extra dates have already been added to the initial three date open air extravangaza at the Harbiye in Istanbul, to keep up with demand for tickets after the release of 10.

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