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Sunday, June 04, 2017

Ten Things: Did You Know...?

NBA star Enes Kanter has passport cancelled by native Turkey
NBA player says Turkish president is a "bad, bad man"/REUTERS.

News nuggets picked from the press.

  1. The British prime minister has said "it is time to say enough is enough" as she condemned a terror attack on "innocent and unarmed civilians" in the third of its kind in the UK in as many months, when a white van hit pedestrians on London Bridge, and three men got out and stabbed bystanders, killing seven and injuring 48 others on Saturday. Elsewhere, Ariana Grande's manager has said the One Love Manchester concert being held for the Manchester bombing victims will "go ahead with greater purpose" following the London attack.
  2. A secretive group of elite power brokers and the fodder of conspiracy theorists is meeting in the US state of Virginia for closed-door discussions called the Bilderberg Meetings.
  3. Amid widespread international condemnation of the US decision to leave the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change, Russian President Vladimir Putin said he would "not judge" Donald Trump. Elsewhere, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has said the US can still meet its commitments to fight climate change, despite President Trump's withdrawal from the Paris accord, because Americans would not let Washington stand in their way.
  4. Turkey has blamed US officials for "aggressive and unprofessional actions" and "security lapses" during President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit last month after a brawl, which was described by Washington police as a "brutal attack on peaceful protesters".
  5. An NBA basketball player from Turkey was stopped at a Romanian airport after his passport was revoked. He blamed Turkish President Erdogan, who he called "a bad, bad man", and a "dictator". Erdogan's purge of state institutions over the attempted July 2016 coup has meant mass dismissals in the judiciary, police, universities and schools.
  6. Russia has lifted a ban on imports of Turkish food, imposed after a Russian bomber was shot down on the Syria-Turkey border in November 2015.
  7. Turkey's first gay choir has been formed to sing for tolerance, while Ireland is set to have its first openly gay prime minister.
  8. Gay Pride festivals have been urged to stop booking acts which "perpetuate racist stereotypes" by performing in "blackface", while Instagram make-up artist PaintDatFace has come under fire for making up a white woman, transforming her into a "woman of another culture".
  9. A Dutch zoo says two male vultures in a long-standing gay relationship have become parents after successfully hatching an egg.
  10. Zafer Kizilkaya has been awarded the 2017 Whitley Gold Award for his conservation work, and despite resistance his fish model is being widely adopted.

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