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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Ten Things: Did You Know...?

Sony sells one million VR headsets
Sony's million sales of VR sets had exceeded expectations/BBC.

News nuggets picked from the press.

  1. Alternative fuel generated more energy than coal and gas in the UK on Wednesday for the first time, according to the National Grid.
  2. A Parisian woman is taking the French state to court for failing to protect her health from the effects of air pollution.
  3. Researchers have trained computers to spot social media users who pose as somebody else - a practice known as catfishing.
  4. Every year tens of thousands of people are conned by online scammers, but it is not only the authorities taking action: a network of tech-savvy volunteers is also working to expose them.
  5. Sony has sold more than one million virtual reality (VR) headsets, the company has said.
  6. Playing Tetris for three minutes can decrease craving strength for addictive substances by approximately one-fifth.
  7. Cereal company Kellogg's has taken legal action to stop Australian tennis player Thanasi Kokkinakis from using his nickname Special K commercially.
  8. Organic milk might not be "good for the land".
  9. The food additive MSG is illegal in India but not in many other countries.
  10. The original erasers were moist bread.

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