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Monday, July 10, 2017

Tarkan's Rising Star

Posted by Steffan Matrak from Moscow, Russia

Celebrity portal Uçankuş has placed iconic singer Tarkan as their number one trending star.

In a starmeter of rising and falling stars, the portal lists iconic singer Tarkan in top place out of five celebrities they consider are in the ascendency.

Trending at the top for three weeks, Uçankuş cites the millions of dollars generated by over 330,000 physical CDs sold and seven sold out Harbiye open air concerts in Istanbul as some of the reasons for keeping Tarkan at the top.

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Second on their star chart is highly respected and talented female music artist Sıla Gençoğlu.

Gençoğlu is the only other artist to fill out multiple dates at Harbiye's open air venue, and whose music quality is regarded by critics as above regular pop fare.

In a recent interview for major music station Kral she spoke of having no desire to sing in English and didn't regard herself in competition with anyone. When asked about Tarkan and his latest songs, she confessed she hadn't heard them all.

"He is an amazing singer but his sound is very distant to me now," she said.

Three Weeks at Number One

Supersonic singer Tarkan has closed the official airplay chart's 27th week at the top with his first digital single from 10.

Number one for three weeks in a row, the king of Turkish pop's domination of the airwaves has been documented by the official airplay charts and independent monitoring site Telifmetre in figures updated today.

It reached the number one slot on alternative monitoring chart Kral Pop Liste on Saturday.

Chart Listings for "Yolla" (July 2017)

Official Turkish Airplay Chart | Position 1
TelifMetre Airplay Chart | Position 1
fizy Top 100 | Position 1
iTunes Singles Top 100 | Position 1
Turk Telekom Muzik (Stream) | Position 1
Turk Telekom Muzik (Download) | Position 1
Turk Telekom Muzik Top 100 | Position 1
Spotify Most Played Turkish Top 50 | Position 1
YouTube Trending in Turkey Top 10 | Position 3

Kral Pop Liste Chart | Position 1 (Total share of)
Digital Single Sales Top 10 | Position 1
Most Streamed Single Top 10 | Position 1
National Radio Airplay Top 10 | Position 2
Local Radio Airplay Top 10 | Position 3

Kral Pop Radyo Top 20 | Position 3 6 (LW)
Kral Pop TV Top 20 | Position 7 8 (LW)
Powerturk Pop 40 | Position 38

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