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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Just Words

Homespun Wisdom?

Ever known anyone to quote themselves? Here are ten of my own sayings.

  1. If you treat knowledge in your brain like a marriage of convenience, then you are a fool, and fools and facts are quickly parted.

  2. The biggest disability in the world isn't a lack of limbs, senses or mental ability. It's a lack of empathy for your neighbour.

  3. Every day ask yourself three questions:
    "Did I do good for myself today?"
    "Did I do good for someone else today?"
    "Did I do good for our world today?"

    If you answered yes to:
    3 out of 1 = poor
    2 out of 3 = good
    3 out of 3 = 2 out of 3 is good enough

  4. History is written by wars, not friendships, so that any "accepted" version of history is always written from the winner's point of view - or whoever can write in English the best.

  5. War is just a word - like love, anger and commitment....what is so true is that our lives are commanded by such words.

  6. If constant recalling of the past makes me ignore the future, then I'm ultimately depriving myself. If I had to choose between fighting for what happened or what should happen, I know which I'd pick.

  7. Do not fear what you do not know, welcome new races and continually look to better yourself - a philosophy that is more relevant today then ever before.

  8. Beauty isn't arrogant, the most beautiful people are the ones who don't know it.

  9. Provide for your need, not your greed.*

  10. If you keep your head in the clouds, your brain will get waterlogged.

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* I was driving past a church sign one day in England that read: "God provides for everyone's need, not everyone's greed." It stuck in my mind and during one conversation with a friend, I said the above.

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