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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

About This Blog: For Dummies If only I had a manual for this blog...

I thought I would clarify three things about this blog, and in turn, myself and the contributions here.

Barring certain exceptions, there are three sorts of posts on this blog, a) my personal posts, b) Tarkan news articles gathered by a few colleagues and posted here, and c) my past body of work that make up my English translations of Tarkan song lyrics and articles.

We Don't Want You To Share

When I am emailed to be asked if you can link or share a post from here, I reply that I would rather you didn't - hence the reason there are no social media links embedded in the design, or share buttons on the blog's feed.

I haven't really been clear over this matter, because I thought using common sense would make it clear enough.

The reasons why I ask you not to share these are as follows:

a) My own blog posts unconnected with Tarkan have code attached so search engine bots do not pick them up on their routine crawls. They are not going to interest anyone outside of a certain circle of friends. I have done this since 2009. They are only open to internal analytical data.

b) I leave the bots to crawl the Tarkan related pages, because they are in English, and anyone doing a search might find the info helpful. But why am I recommending you NOT share these posts? BECAUSE THEY ARE ONLY TRANSLATIONS of news sources. They are not original sources of themselves.

To clarify: the news translations here are only to help people understand the original sources, they are not sources themselves. These are translations of - what is for the most part - news speculations from an unreliable gutter press. Or made unreliable because official sources deny and refuse to confirm grass root gossip - even if true. Thus I would rather readers read the blog post, found the original source and LINKED to that, instead. If you must link, or share, then it's the original news sources you should use.

I have constantly said over the years we are unconnected with any official source or unofficial fan source. I prefer it that way. My blog should NOT be quoted on Wikipedia. Nor should it really be tweeted or shared anywhere else. I'm for freedom of mind, however, so if people still do it, then that's life. I am not going to put any further restrictions than are already in place on the blog. I would prefer self-censorship via a good conscience than forcing people to act outside of their own inherent tendencies.

Notwithstanding, I have had people quote this blog as though it were an official source, illegally archive its pages on archival sites that bypass all site securities, and share posts on social media attracting spam bots so as to skew our internal analytical data.

All the spam traffic referrals we have had to contend with, has just made more work for everyone involved in the blog. This is why the blog has gone "private" and temporarily restricted access on a few occasions, so as to try and reset and hide from traffic coming from dubious sites.

But as long as my colleagues wish to continue with the Tarkan News section, then I will allow them the platform on which to do so - and if common sense is used, it should be obvious these pages are solely for unofficial purposes. Personally, calling most of the posts "news" is erroneous, but I believe in a free world as long as no harm is caused, so knock yourselves out.

c) The English translations that make up my body of work on this blog about Tarkan is my property. Readers can take and use for PERSONAL USE, and if feel the need to share, then please show the requisite courtesy and credit my work. Again, I would rather you just read my posts on how to translate to help you in your own translations, rather than just copy and paste. This is why I no longer translate unless I feel like it, because the majority do not understand the difference between personal use, sharing and stealing.

We Really, Really Don't Want You Here

As for the continual requests I get for non-Tarkan guest contributions to my blog, this stopped in 2010, and I am not accepting requests. But for goodness sake, why would you want to write for this blog?

We are non-profit; 100% free, zip, nada dinero - everything is voluntary contribution for our own personal improvement. We go against the grain of modern thinking that millions need to read us to give us quality. Our own high standards give us quality; I actively work to lower the blog's hits and strive to just have a small readership that can actually read and understand the posts. We use verbose language on purpose, to make the dummies sign off.

We are not here to sell you something. We are not here to buy something off you. I am not going to make money off anybody else's name, or off my own online presence. I am not here to get famous either, or compete with anybody else.

I have constantly said this is a personal blog, so why is my site being fed into third party analytical sites by faceless morons? What should it matter to anyone else how many hits this blog gets? What do they think it proves? I call it the magic show of statistics. Only morons believe in the illusion.

You won't see Tarkandeluxe watermarked over photos we don't own; we credit every source we possibly can. We screengrab because over time links can expire. We use the BBC because they are great at keeping their permanent links, well, permanent. My posts don't compete with anyone else's - they don't have to - this is MY blog. I own every post on here.

Yet, for the first time ever, I've had to join Wikipedia simply to remove signs of my blog on its Tarkan page - added and removed continually by third parties - replacing references with original sources. Wikipedia is an anathema to me, where fake news first began: A million monkeys all bashing away behind a screen playing keyboard warriors. And I had to join that horrible mess, even if for the briefest time, to remove my blog from a page. Like I don't have better things to do with my severely limited time.

Furthermore, it is fucking ludicrous: In the fourteen years this blog has been open, there is not a single post that would give any reader those impressions that we want to be shared or talked about. Aside from petty people, who with no life wanted to be famous or make money off Tarkan's name in his fan community - and being bothered by our online presence - have projected onto us their own insecurities or fantasies.

Over ten years ago, I thought the Tarkan fan community was filled with good people. I have since changed my mind. It would be a waste of any contributor's effort and time, because the readership it attracts (bar a few exceptions) are so vile, that I no longer really contribute to my own blog.

We have had some fantastic original articles about the music industry and Tarkan, but I've asked contributors not to bother, because it is wasted on this platform.

I would be happy if this blog had a small select readership with common sense enough to know that translations of articles, magazines, interviews and song lyrics from my body of work are welcome to be read, and shared, and enjoyed in that moment, privately, and then move on out. And there are a few (like three) people who can do that.

But what we've had are character assassinations, lies, gossip, competitiveness, claims of wanting fame (my favourite one) and so much junk that's it not even worth mentioning.

Why would anyone want to contribute to an unwelcome readership, which over the years I have come to wish had never even heard of my name?

If Any Dummy Has Read This Far Down

To those whom this blog has caused offence, it was meant to. You are not THAT dumb to be unaware of who you are. I would like to take the opportunity now to wish those psychos all the luck in the world, and give them a big fuck you. Anyone who has ever shared work off this blog knowing it was unwelcome or made a snide comment: Fuck you very much, too.

I mean, who the fuck do you think you are? We are not here to promote anyone, or any country, or any one single race or religion. We are not beholden to any fan. We are only beholden to our own principles of truth, integrity and writing shit people might happen to enjoy. Those headings welcome opinion across the spectrum, and contributions across this blog never see eye-to-eye, but they are all within the right side of free speech.

To those whom understand and know this post isn't about them - you are more than welcome here. It's good people like you, free of drama and fakery and polluting bullshit, that the world, and this little blog, could do more of. We don't have a hidden agenda, and it's great to see there are others out there, too.

And there is only one reason why I don't make the blog permanently private and restrict access only to those few decent people: As tempting as it is, I'm not going to give some fake people that satisfaction. Because as long as this blog is up, it's a reminder of their failings and it's a finger poking in their eye.

They would rather this blog stopped sharing posts to the detriment of everyone but themselves. For example, imagine there was a book published to raise money for children with cancer, and some fake people badmouthed it simply because of their own internal ugliness - nevermind the children that were never helped as a result. Just imagine if that were true.

But as long as Blogger hosts this blog, it will be up and standing. I have it backed up on hardware, and can be imported on another platform at a moment's notice.

Final note to those who will say, what a lot of talk over nothing. Well, you read this far down, so who's the dumb one? And it is the way with dummies... if you don't keep repeating everything OVER and OVER again, like a parrot, they never learn.

May be, just may be, you've learnt something today.

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