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Thursday, February 16, 2006


Tarkan DeLuxe

If you came across this blog by accident, then there is a very high chance you surfed in while looking for information about the singer . Please note, this page is no longer updated as of November 7, 2010. If you want to go to a summary of the main links on this page, click here.

Who is Tarkan?

A popular music artist, born Tarkan Tevetoğlu on October 17, 1972 in Alzey, Germany, his signature song in Europe and the Americas is the song "Şımarık". People in the UK will know this song under the name of "Kiss Kiss".

My main sites about Tarkan are:

  • Tarkan Translations
    Holds news articles, album information and song lyrics in English. Some sections require Flash.
  • Tarkan Documentary
    Titled "Making Moves", this is a documentary about the singer's life and career in music. Flash is required to view.
  • Tarkan Visual
    This is a listed photoblog that shares free and unwatermarked photos of Tarkan, which have been donated from fans across the world.

Track the progress of these Tarkan blog projects here: 1 | 2 | 3

Tarkan at Tarkan Deluxe®

The blog you are reading now is Tarkan Deluxe. It adopted its name from my old Tarkan site. It's a behind-the-scenes perspective to my other three Tarkan sites, because although I begun the blog after a dinner conversation concerning Tarkan, it has developed into my personal blog.

Who am I? I'm still searching for the answer to that one, but I leave a lot a clues all over this blog.

Each life is a personal drama. In this blog you'll find my drama, presented in different ways. If people want to know the profile behind the Tarkan translations, then they come here.

As my Internet presence is due to the singer, you'll find I keep my blog manifesto that governs my Tarkan sites here and that Tarkan Deluxe is a series in which Tarkan occasionally guest stars.

About Tarkan Main Index

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Here are my posts on Tarkan:

Tarkan Q & A

In the many letters I receive, I get asked a lot of Tarkan questions. I select a few to answer on my blog. I've complied a Q & A from those mails.

Articles on Tarkan

My Articles on Tarkan

I have written a few articles on Tarkan throughout the years - in addition to providing links to other articles on the Internet - to help those fans who have recently discovered Tarkan get a clearer insight and to those who want to read more about him.

Mark Mayhey Editorials

A British journalist who worked in Istanbul, writing under the pseudonym of Mark Mayhey at Tarkan Deluxe, has contributed his own views on Tarkan in light of news events current at the time of writing. His views are his own and do not necessarily reflect mainstream thought.

Tarkan Interviews

You can find newspaper and magazine interviews with the artist transcribed or translated into English by me here:

Tarkan TV Interviews & Reports You can watch magazine TV interviews and reports with the artist transcribed or translated into English by me here:

Press Reviews

Tarkan News

Tarkan Deluxe posts current news about Tarkan. It is difficult to get proper newsworthy information about Tarkan from reliable sources, so the blog is not held accountable for any news that is posted which subsequently turns out not to be valid. However, I do try to keep a high standard. News received is corroborated with independent research before its published and the blog only prints what I feel is suitable.

So, if you're looking for sensational gossip you probably won't find a lot of it here, unless it's in summary form to highlight the reaction of the Turkish entertainment press to Tarkan at that particular moment in time.

Check out the Tarkan News Index for more.

Also see the Tarkan Concert Calendar Archive for concert news.

Tarkan Pick Of The Day

This section holds some Tarkan pictures of interest, mostly shared by readers. More pictures are archived at our sister site Tarkan Visual.

A Portal of Tarkan Links

I sometimes post links of interest and obscure links regarding Tarkan. Fans also share their sites or their links of interest here, too. Please note that Tarkan Deluxe is not responsible for broken links over time or for the content of external internet sites.

Your Comments

Questions and comments from readers on the Tarkan posts:

And finally...


For other Turkish music artists click here.

Summary of Links

Tdlx is not responsible for the content of external internet sites


Search the TDL Archives

If you are looking for information about something specific to do with Tarkan then you can search for it in the blog's archives.

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