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Wednesday, March 08, 2006



A Collection of Dreams

I am not a cinematic hero or a prince charming.

I am no shining sun in summer scenes or a bright moon beam to brighten the night.

I am merely me. All human. Simply man.

I am stable yet changeable, given and traded, bold and shy, near and far, high and low, dark and light.

I am just a collection of these dreams caught tightly in a net, trying to dream at least one percent of the very best of them into reality.

My mind is a vessel of so many passenger dreams, every day they embark and depart to lands unknown.

So many tales to write down to lighten up my load.

Someone once asked a writer, "Why do you write?" He answered, "I don't write, writing does me."

Here I share some of my own creative works.

Confessions of a Poet

Selected Works: A Collection of Poetical Works:
Act I: Love In and Out of Sync Act II: Remembering Love
Act III: Digging for the Divine Act IV: Thoughts Are Stars
Act V: A Series of Desires Act VI: Wonderful Things
Act VII: La Pasión Turca Act VIII: Lyricana
Act XI: Living Poetry Act X: Renovations
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Confessions of a Writer
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Letters to B (A Memoir)

Short Stories

Fictional Narratives

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NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

Confessions on Film
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