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Saturday, May 15, 2004

To All Things A Beginning... Part 2

If you haven't already, read part one first.

The phone continues to ring.

It was one day in 1999 while I was a student in Law, I walked through the door of my Law School's PC room, waved a nonchalant "hi" to a couple of friends and sat down at the nearest empty seat. Writing out a legal pleading for the lesson ahead was the first task at hand.

After I worked like a fiend, I decided to do some web surfing. For the first time I decided to Google Tarkan's name for a bit of fun, and I was surprised at the amount of attention there was for the young pop star. However, I quickly noticed that decent translations of interviews and song lyrics were sorely required.

I got in touch with a few fans offering to help polish their own translations and do some more, and from that I moved on to my own website. Since then the mission to help Tarkan fans with all things Tarkan has just exceeded all expectations.

Tarkan is synonymous with my era of music in the Turkish music industry, as I grew up with it, and so I obviously like his music. However, I am more a fan of the fans, and I hope that my excursions into webmasterdom and fansites portray this. My work is not for me or for Tarkan, but ultimately for the true fans, who support and love him.

The fans called and I picked up on the challenge. I hope that my efforts are successful.

I pick up the phone. "Hello," Love says, "Thank you for answering."

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