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Monday, September 27, 2004

Death Comes as the End?

When something is over it is over.

Second chances are very, very rare and should always be the exception used under the most exceptional circumstances. Think again, think twice and know that there is almost a 99% certainty that what went wrong the first time will go wrong again.

The only love that is worth any time is the unconditional kind and that is only found in pets and parents. I've been lucky in both. Other relationships will remind you that 'Love' is almost certainty never worth it. Love will cure even the most hopeless romantic given time.

Even though it will hurt to have to let go, wiping the slate clean is the best way to go. Cold realisation will rip into you as you realise that all the care and attention you've given a relationship has gone to waste as that relationship as upped and died on you. Usually without even asking you, it just disappears on you.

But in those initial days when you feel down and think you'll go crazy, remember that even though Death does comes as the end, it is only the end of those passing, not you.

You may have to grit your teeth until you find your way out of the person you've lost yourself in, but you will find your way. For however strong Death might be, going on will always weigh heavier.

Yeah right.

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