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Friday, June 03, 2005


The fairly recent buzz about Tarkan on the Net in Turkish and English is mainly about his new Avea commercials and his English album:

Completely Detached, Lennert Lehmann © 2005


Tarkan Patates Gibi, Ayşe Arman © Hü 2005

Self-confesed Tarkan fanatic and outspoken female journalist criticises Tarkan's appearance in Avea's new commercial, claiming he looks overweight, his hair style is terrible and that he looks like a "potato".


Bu Filimi Ben Yonetmedim, Başak Keser © 2005

Interview with Hollywood graphic artist Emrah Yucel in regard to the Avea commercial and working with Tarkan.


Aşk Sesini Duyurmak ister, Arzu Erdoğan © Tempo Dergisi 2005

Tempo Magazine takes a look behind the scenes at the filming of the Avea commercial.

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