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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Two Turkish Divas

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On the 14 June I watched one of the best TV events that I'd seen in a long time on Turkish TV.

ajda and sezenPop singer Ajda Pekkan has a talk show on the Turkish TV channel Kanal D and her guest was Sezen Aksu for that evening's show. Turkey's minik serçe, (little nightingale - as she was affectionately nicknamed by a journalist and the name has stuck with her for most of her career) is known for not appearing on TV talk shows. So her rare appearance on live TV was a must see for all Aksu fans.

The Turkish media have always been trying to square the two up and continuously reported how the two divas could not stand each other.

I watched the show spellbound.

The two ladies put on a show filled with songs of passion and love inbetween conversations elegantly dressed with respect and humour, and it reminded me of Mevlana's saying, "I searched for greatness and found it humility."

Follow In Their Footsteps

These two greats in their own country acted so down to earth and lovingly with each other that it was very humbling to me. It was obvious that they have a long-standing friendship, spanning over three decades.

Usually the phone-ins are from the public, but that evening Turkey's stars grabbed their phones to call, first amongst them being Sertab Erener.

As I watched, I couldn't help but wish that Tarkan would pick up his phone.

I believe that the pop singer is right to keep his distance from the Turkish media and TV, but it would have been good to see him participate in this evening. A phone call to his one-time mentor Aksu would have put the seal on a great evening.

These two beautiful and talented women set an example that night for journalists and artists alike. I hope that the Turkish pop stars of today one day follow in their footsteps, and after a career that spans decades they will still shine all the greater for being so humble.

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