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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

You're the Natasha*!

*Natasha is a name given to Russian girls who come to Turkey to work as prostitutes.

Russian Girl BandThe four girl Russian pop band Shpilki, as a reply to Turkish men nicknaming Russian girls "Natasha", have sung a song about Turkish men called Sam ti Natasha (You're the Natasha!).

They live in the Mediterranean*/Hot blooded men/Look at us 'cause they can't have their own women**, the girls sing in their music video as they try to run away from a moustachioed middle aged man.

"The song is based on our experiences in Antalya," group member Varya is said to have explained to a Russian journalist, "men were always following us and inviting us out on dates. The security guards at the hotel we were staying at were no better!"

The music video to the song was filmed in the Republic of Cyprus and the "Turkish" man in the film is played by a Greek Cypriot.

Ironically, one of the four girls in the group is called Natasha, also.

The Truth Behind The Name

It's a shame that the girls didn't do a little bit more research behind the name, as it touches upon a more serious subject. It isn't a general nickname for Russian girls used by Turkish lotharios at all, but a derogatory title for those poor women that travel voluntarily from Russia to Turkey to enter into the sex trade. These are educated women, mostly doctors, who cannot make enough money in their own country and feel it necessary to come to Turkey to work as prostitutes so that they can feed their families back home.

Maybe the girls should now do a serious song about this, to bring awareness to a subject that bites a big hole into the Turkish taxpayers pocket as the government spends millions each year arresting these prostitutes and deporting them.

But then who would listen to it?


*The Mediterranean Sea is not actually mentioned. They sing "The sea on the south." It includes the Black Sea and Caspian Sea regions of Turkey also. [Amended by Vita, 14 January 2006]
** Translation of song lyrics into English amended by Vita, 13 Jan 2006.

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