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Friday, October 14, 2005

A Letter of Hope

Dear Mr. Yildirim,

My friend (an avid Tarkan fan) sent me a link to your entry, "Tick, Tock...Stop."

I felt like I truly felt what you meant reading it.

My name is Aziza and I'm from Azerbaijan. I visited Azerbaijan this summer for the first time in nine years. It was truly an amazing experience because I hadn't been there since I was a small child. I got to see the country and speak to the people. I saw a lot of nature. I fell in love with nature. Living in urban Los Angeles doesn't give me the opportunity to see any nature, so I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to see the nature of Azerbaijan.

There is a particular place in Azerbaijan, Göy Göl, an incredibly calm lake said to have been formed during an earthquake. It's very singular because it's so calm. They say the water's so calm, it's like a mirror. I wanted to go see it, but unfortunately I could not.

I have been told that sometimes gun firing can be heard at the lake, since it is near the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia. I can only imagine the serenity and beauty of Göy Göl, and it really pains me to imagine that serenity interrupted by the sound of gunfire. It truly pains me. It pains me that so many lives have been lost...Azeri lives as well as Armenian ones.

I want the conflict to end. I want all conflicts to end.

We treat this world horribly...we treat each other horribly. Why? That is one thing I cannot understand: Why?

Greed, yes. But I'd like to think that our humanity, our compassion for each other in this world...will surpass greed.

Whether from the United States, Venezuela, Cambodia, or Kenya, we are all people. We are supposed to have compassion. As I get older, however, my hopes of one day seeing the world achieve peace and prosperity...or since it is not likely this shall happen in my generation, then my hopes of my posterity of living in a world of peace and prosperity wilt every day.

I understand that I enjoy a great deal of freedom living in Los Angeles...a great deal of luxury...and I am truly thankful for it. I truly am. But it hurts when I see that my peers are not thankful...that they do not care. It hurts so very much.

Many people here do not care much for people in other countries...they are ignorant of so much that they should know....that they should feel a responsibility as human beings to try to help...but so many do not. Of course I know people that are very passionate about the world as well...but their percentage should be so much higher!

When will this end? The world is full of so much suffering...and it is our fault...but it is our world and we have the power to fix it. Some very intelligent people that I know...who have disappointed my hopes terribly in their ignorance...or rather...their decision to ignore problems elsewhere in this world, have made logical claims as to why we should not spend energy, time, or money to help people in other countries...but these arguments fail.

Of course they fail. They fail ethically.

Everything is about money here...well...maybe not "everything"...but many things. Money is not everything. I hope that these people will see that one day. Reading your entry gave me some hope. Thank you for caring. You've really given me some hope.

Aziza Abduragimova, USA

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