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Friday, December 02, 2005

An Angel Writes...

In a month when Christmas is near, it seems angels pop up all over the place.

I was sent e-mail by a Tarkan fan in Mexico, who wishes to remain anonymous. However, the mail he sent me moved me so much that I thought I should share it here.

Our Mexican friend was surfing at In conjunction with the old message board at the Tarkan fan club section, the website provides a forum for Tarkan fans to post messages.

"I trailed through most of the messages as they were in Turkish I could not make out," he writes, "when one caught my eye...Not only for it was in English but for what it wrote. I wanted to share this with you Ali."

And I thank you for sharing it.

I have tried to find the owner of the words I post below, but as yet have been unsuccessful. So with my apologies I am going to share this message to Tarkan from his fan here without first obtaining permission.

As it was posted on a public message board, I am sure he/she will not mind, but if they see this and wish not to have this posted on my blog, I will take it off upon request.

I have not edited, corrected or altered anything of the message.

Well.. There's something I always meant to tell you, since we met that october the 13th 2001 in Ankara at that charity lunch given for homeless children... although I've been following you up as a singer since you moved your very first steps in the music world, back in 1993 here in Turkey, and then in Paris when Champs Elysees got crowded with amazed fans of yours, and then all the way up till our very days never missing any of your concerts, I had always seen you only as the best, most talented performer, composer and showman, without having any clue about how you could be as a person.. Then... that october day back in 2001 I finally had the chance and privilege to see you as a person, to see the incredible respect , warmth and loving care you showed to those homeless kids... the way you sat down on the floor with them letting them crowl on you, the way you kindly asked our host to allow you to go to another room only with those kids, far from all the people, and play and sing with them alone, as it was only for them that you had come that day... I saw then, the man you are, the great person you are, I saw your generousity, your incredible warmth and sensibility... I didn't see a pop star that day, I didn't see a 'prima donna', I just saw a wonderful humaan being with a great heart, doing his best to give those unlucky kids, a moment of happiness to remember forever... Well... that memory of that special day, will always stay inside my heart... Our eyes crossed several times that day... And when my colleagues litterally threw me towards you and in all my shiness I got the chance to stand by your side with your arm grabbing me while the flashes of a camera froze that unforgettable moment, all I could tell you, was a simple, shy, heartfelt 'teşekkür ederim' gently whispered while my real emotion and look hid behind a blushy smile... You are a great human being and you are also, as an extraordinary artist, the pride of this nation, as a turk, you have that sensibility, that politeness, those respectful manners, that emotional depth, and that uncomparable cultural inharitage coming from thousands of years of civilization that make your shine brighter than anybody else... thank you for all the great emotions you give us with your songs and for making this wonderful country show all its beauty to the rest of the world... as an italian im grateful to you for showing that to all the foreigners, and as a turkish citizen as well, I thank you for doing all you are doing to make Turkey shine more than ever.

posted on 03.11.2004 by fugitiveangel at the Tarkan forum sponsored by

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