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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Tarkan Tour

A Tarkan fan called Alx sends me "best regards from " in his e-mail to me, and goes on to write:

I just finished working on this new version (the 4th :D ) of my Tarkan site (Tarkan's World) and I also changed the address. I worked really hard on it..for the past 2 months..I wanted to ask you if you could update the link to my site, in your links section (the old address is out ;) ), if you still got a links page, that is. I saw your site changed a lot and I couldn't find the links section, but anyway, if there is one...just to let u know my address has changed.

My old Tarkan Deluxe site has changed. My site now comprises of four separate blogs, Tarkan Translations, Tarkan Documentary, Tarkan Visual (a Photoblog) and of course my own personal blog flavoured with Tarkan issues, Tarkan Deluxe.

Tarkan Deluxe does have a Links section, just not in the conventional manner. Check out the sidebar to your right, and under the 'About Tarkan' banner you will see a 'Tarkan Links' section. Alternatively, you can click here. The links grouped here are a collection of interesting links relating to the singer that I happen to find while surfing the Net - a Tarkan Links section 'blogstyle' if you will.

Tarkan's World by Alx

I went to Alx's site and I can highly recommend it to all Tarkan fans. It is excellent to see the talent there is out there. The design is very "Mac" and Alx is clearly very talented. I applaud his hard work immensely and now that his site has some history behind it, I would hope to see it become a permanent fixture with Tarkan's Palace and Tarkan's Place.

It just must be very embarassing to whomever takes on board the designing of Tarkan's official sites, that the fan sites always seem to be much better than the official one, not only in terms of design, but news and accessibility to legal multimedia.

After having a great time searching through this eye candy of a site that is Tarkan's World, I realised that I haven't found the time to surf the Net for many months now and Alx's mail seemed a perfect opportunity to do just that.

So, are you prepared to come on a little 'Tarkan Tour' with me? Don't be afraid, just take hold of my hand and here we go...

Tarkan Tour
Note Update: Some links are broken due to passage of time

We meet a Portuguese woman that dances to Tarkan's kisses...while there's a lot of buzz in Romania about news that sponsors have managed to get Tarkan to perform there.

It also seems that Tarkan's image is used in all different ways, including DVD case samples.

We overhear catwalk models talk about Tarkan as they listen to Kuzu Kuzu and say a quick hello to Tarkan's supporting act for his Dudu-Opet Tours in 2004, Rebel Moves.

It seems the appropriate time to re-live another concert in 2004 in pictures: TARKAN Live in Concert 22 May 2004 @ St. Jakobshalle, Basel.

We discuss how great the concert was and wonder who did some of the lighting for Tarkan concerts in 2001 and 2003?

Deciding to take a look at what's on the cinema, we see a Korean movie, Mr Socrates - and are amazed to discover that they've used Tarkan's "Olürüm Sana" track for their intro. As we move away from the Picturehouse we spot a poster: Tarkan created by Sezgin Burak

There seems to be a lot of noise about a DVD release of a Turkish Z-movie doing the rounds.

We wonder who created this character?

Looks like a different Tarkan made it to the USA before the singer did, but not in the way you'd imagine.

You smile at what I say. We move on.

As we begin the journey home we meet a friendly Tarkan Tribe. Waving to them we suddenly find ourselves at journey's end. You turn to thank me, but I graciously decline.

The pleasure was all mine, I say.

If you liked the tour, go thank Alx for the inspiration, and while you're at it thank him for a great site, too.

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