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Thursday, February 02, 2006

What Colour is your Heart Today?

I ask love
"What colour is your heart today?"
And love turns to me and says,
"My colour is blue,
My mirror is cracked,
Though I can't see my face,
I think my tears
Will rain today."

I tell love:
"Let your heart be red today,
let the sun shine through,
for the best way to see
our face reflected
is in a mirror that'll never crack,
in the eyes of a loved one
pure and true."

Love looks at me,
and whispers breathlessly,
"I know I've colours in me
that I've yet to say,
but I only know this:
when you are near me
all rain stills,
and I am a rainbow today."

A poem written in the style of a nursery rhyme.

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