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Monday, March 06, 2006

Distant Wanderings

Love Miles

just like an unspoken invitation
crossing the border of your lips,
we were lovers in mind
before our hands ever met.

together we made poetry with words
like lovers write poems
with their bodies, in ways undefined
fingers weave magic spells.

you touch me when I'm not there,
I feel you when you're not there,
I know we are so far and yet
in love miles we are so near.


Sex Insomniac

I can't sleep for thinking of...

my tongue-tip as it yearns to trace all
those hunger laden pores that measure
the luminous fabric of your nakedness,
sancrosanct senses senseless,
the ache of my palms in prayer
as it follows the cradle of your neck
to the curve of your spine,
finally finding shelter
in the shade of your thighs,
a touch opens a door
swinging both ways,
you see me and I see you,
you welcome me with arms open wide.



Let me
leak into you
Empty me.
Devise me.
Re-make me.
Find me
by losing me
in an assimilation
of longing,
open up to me
like a rosebud
against the sun,
like lips
mouthing love,
like spring
after a winter run, or
like hips swaying as one.


Mathematic Reality

Every human sum
Needs to learn that one plus one
Never makes two instantly,
And that the division of one
Isn't one half necessarily.

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