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Wednesday, March 08, 2006


You vs. Me

Tonight's semi-final grand slam:

perspective vs introspective
love vs hate
you vs me

with such a line up,
we can't both make it
into the final.



Don't look at me,
Look into me,
Let me be all you see,
The world sees
What it wants to,
I want you
To see

Love's clear vision,
Use it to see,
In the world
I just be,
But in your arms,
Let me be


Dusting Fairy Tales

I close the door against
Weepingly whispered sugar-coated
Turkish coffee condolences,
Promising sweet, yet achingly bitter
Empty echoes entombed in hushes,
Well-wishers with skin stretched smiles,
Our private emotions stiff in reply,
I close the door against it all,
Losing myself in your room,


I look at the trinkets of a noble life,
Gathering dust so quickly,
I stand still in this shrine
To a once upon a time you,
I spy autumn coloured pictures,
Trace a young woman's eyes,
Lost in the colour of grey skies,
Open my doors readily,
To remember you,


Who were you?
Written by so many hands,
So deep and yet erased so easily?
Gentle daughter of an old ruling family,
A proud mother of a loving dynasty,
A young widow never to remarry,
Always waiting for the day
She would meet him again,
Simply a lady,
Who finally got her way,


My bedtimes filled with Ottoman rhymes,
And grand tales from your own life,
Countless moments you nurtured me,
Counted the stars with me,
Laughed as I tried to blow them out
Like candlelight,
Now I cry as I know they die out,
My tears dust your magical fairy tales,
By remembering you,


Your perfume still strong
In this room and in me,
The very curve of our eyes
Widen in surprise,
As I realise
Death is just the end of a chapter,
Not the end of your story,
I came to search for you,
Yet I realise you came into
The room with me,


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