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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Tarkan Confesses

TarkanTarkan has made it on the front cover of the latest edition of the Turkish Tempo Magazine. With the headline "My Confessions", the article tagline promises an intimate report with the singer (Issue 13/30 March 2006).

"Speaking exclusively to Tempo about subjects ranging from homosexuality to his lovers, from God to his psychotherapist," it reads, "and with previously unpublished photographs is TARKAN."

Also signalling the resumption of good relations with former musical mentor pop diva Sezen Aksu, Tarkan admitted that he had been wrong over a copyright dispute, while hinting that there could be future collaborations ahead.

"We had a small problem over the "Şımarık" song. I was very stubborn ... [but last] year. We talked things over and and solved the problem. I know the harmony between us will never die.

"[After "Şikidim"] everyone kept saying I would be nothing without Sezen ... Maybe that's why I put Ozan [Çolakoğlu]'s and my name under the "Şımarık" track. Because we also worked hard on it. But of course it was her song. And this made her angry. She was right. I realised that after many years. But everything is all right now. I miss singing her songs," he said.

Meanwhile at the magazine's news site, information about the magazine's interview with the star has been posted, with the same title as the report in the magazine's inner sections. A translation is given below (by Ali Yıldırım):

I love to provoke, it's in my nature
By Arzu Erdoğan for Tempo Online

TarkanThe English album that Tarkan has been working on for 10 years, Come Closer is released in Europe on 7 April.

I love to provoke, it's in my nature

To some he is very handsome, very sexy, to some he is sensitive and sincere...In short everyone will have something good to say about him. Getting to know him through interviews, to me he is a modest, sweet and very upright guy. Tarkan casts a curious spell that affects everyone that comes into contact with him. Smiling, humorous, lovable... But this is the face we see or can only manage to see. But behind that there are the upsets, the anger, sometimes the inner conflicts and confrontations or reconciliations.

Tarkan worked with Pete Martin, Lester Mendes, Billy Mann, Dexter Simmons and Devrim Karaoğlu on his Come Closer album, one that he has described as where, "There is a lot of work, love, fun, tears, hope, longing, and affection". Wyclef Jean also features in Tarkan's hip hop style song.

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