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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Remembering Love

A Perfect Moment

I remember sensing
forest scented rain
dancing softly
on my skin, gently
shaking me awake from within,
and opening sleepy eyes to see
the remainder of a well-spent day
burning in the hearth
of a fading horizon.

I remember watching
the final dying glare
of fiery dusk disappear,
and feeling slightly
betrayed by sleep,
subtracting the waking minutes
I could have spent with you.
Yawning stubbornly,
my head still in your warm lap,
your fingers rediscovering mine,
I'd breathed in deeply
taking you in with me
for next time.

I remember looking
with curtained eyes,
peering out from a shallow daze,
to see a sun glazed smile
shining down on me
from lips I dreamt I'd kissed.
I reached up towards you,
asking you to make the dream come true,
and wondering
whether the cloud tears on my face,
or the smells aroused by the rain
had woken me to this perfect moment,
or whether it was you
whispering my name.


Firestorm Legacy

- I -
At the end of each love lived,
I return back home to me,
to a young boy's place older than before,
stirring the embers of another dying love
burning in my heart's fireplace,
and I always recall
the look in your eyes.

Each remembered moment in you
unravels time,
the years become a long line
that run out all too quickly,
the heart instead of loving anew
becomes love's eraser constantly wiping
all but that memory of your stare.

- II -
A holy temple for firestorms,
your eyes were a place of prayer
to burn the deepest fears,
your love had a taste
for my most naked emotions,
you undressed my doubt,
bathed me in passion and cleansed me.

You were sunlight
escaping from dark clouds,
searching to give warmth
to my distant skies,
you were water to the soil,
you soaked into me
nurtured deep into the root of me.

- III -
I'm a student of your faith,
a firestorm legacy
made in your love's image,
for in all the women I've loved since,
stirred up in a bitter-sweet mix,
I can't forget your defiant summer eyes
melting the coldest parts of me.

A long way down this road,
I understand finally
how wonderful being in love can be,
being loved is more so,
but loving you,
no one else but you,
was the greatest of all three.

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