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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Tarkan Talks

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan Live Chat Ad banner at Vaybee!

appeared on website Vaybee! for a live chat session today, at 6.45 P.M German time.

Live Chat at Vaybee!In a chat room filled with close to three hundred visitors, Tarkan answered an array of questions, including to confirm that "Start the Fire" was the next single to be released from the album, Come Closer.

He seemed a little distant at first and found it diffciult to keep up with the barrage of questions. The moderator, who seemed to be very selective in the questions he posed to Tarkan and kept the majority of questions limited to German and Turkish, a few times felt it necessary to ask people to keep their comments civil, and to be patient as Tarkan could not type fast.

Towards the end of the chat, Tarkan seemed more relaxed and joked with the visitors, explaining that he hadn't eaten all day, while snacking on a sandwich during the short 45 minute chat.

Amongst other comments he gave, he explained he was in good health, and he was positive about the album. He also made a slip up, revealing that he was privately chatting with some users at the same time. Tarkan signed off by hoping that his fans would continue to listen and support him.

Some of the questions and the answers he gave are below:

Will you be singing a duet with ?
It's not for sure yet, it's in progress, but I would love to do it..

Will you release a Turkish classical album?
I'm thinking about it...

When will you be touring Germany?
My concerts will be in the autumn and winter months.

Will you ever leave music and pursue a film career?
I want to act in a film, possibly a comedy, but I could never stop making music, I can't live without music...

What do you enjoy besides music?
Besides music, I love painting, sports, cars, movies, traveling...

Do you need to create a special atmosphere in which to write (like by candlelight)?
No, not really. I never know when a song will come to can come at anytime anywhere.

Why did you decide to duet with Kibariye?
Because she has a beatuiful voice and sang that song very well, and she is a very sweet person, very sincere.

Have you ever considered going into politics?
Politics is not for me, though of course I have my own opinion about the subject. I prefer to communicate through music.

Who are you listening to at the moment?
To me, because my new album has just been released, I'm listening to that.

How did you get the scar on your face?
When I was three I fell and hit my face on the edge of a table.

Where do you feel happier, in America or Turkey?
I can move about more freely in America, but I'm happier in Turkey.

If you were born in Germany, why did you choose to live in Turkey?
I didn't choose to. We returned to Turkey when I was 13, but I am glad we did as it was a turning point in my musical life.

Are you thinking of promoting the album elsewhere in the world?
Of course, but in turn. First Germany, and then we'll take over the world. :)

What does Tarkan think of ?
She is Turkey's Queen of music. I love her.

How did the duet with come about?
We met through a common friend who introduced us. He accepted my offer to duet to "Why Don't We" because he really liked the song.

You invoke great emotions in people. Does this scare you?
Why should I be afraid of love? As long as people aren't aggressive, I'm fine with it.

Download full script of chat in .pdf format here.

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