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Thursday, May 25, 2006


I shrink back
to our history, and
how recklessly we shaped it,
giving no thoughts to
future desires,
presently wondering
why the most lasting histories
are shaped by war,

...and yet,

there was a time,
your presence would expand me,
so much so that I believed
I could fit galaxies into
this soul's breast,
you were a beautiful invader,
with capturing eyes,
that stripped my skin
to its colonised core,

...and I cannot forget,

your seductive invitations
opening doors, I'd slip inside
private dances in your eyes,
how they grew as I grew in you,
with a love not beyond,
behind, or around,
but standing strong
in that resting place
where in times of joy,
souls so often come ashore,

...and yet, and yet...

what has happened to us,
lovers that once believed
stars would first divorce the sky,
before their lips left the other,
now having succumbed to emnity,
cut tactile time,
spent in the fleeting frame
of so many kisses,
to harsh barks across
wide chasms where relationships end,
rendering the world they created
no more.

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