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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Love Sense

Kiss me

Kiss me like crazy,
Imprint the lines of your lips
On mine like dog-tag numbers,
Push me inside-out.
Love doesn't love a wall,
Kiss me once, forever, for all,
Kiss me as though
We were going to die,
A quicksand of insanity
Ready to suck us in,
Each heated raindrop
Beating on the sill of our mouths
Could be the last before
The summer drought cracks the
Soil of our hearts,
Kiss me like the truth, that kills only once,
Then kiss me like a lie,
And kill me a thousand times,
Kiss me like the music
Kisses our ears as
We make rough-slow love
To the soul of the song,
Just kiss me
To right any wrong.


Skin Senses

There is only so much
I can learn
without touching you,
without looking
into each others eyes
and speaking face to face,
tracking roads to you
with only the compass
of instinct
makes the journey taken
to love so much harder,
without awakening
all the skin senses
there is only so much
I can divine
about your thinking,

I cannot learn your everything
without a sense of warmth
without a tone of voice
or a history shared
of things done together,
merely dreams and prayers
will not make a relationship,

love needs a deeper push
to find you.

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