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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Reflections of a Dream

Private Oasis

When you are the rose in spring
I become your earth,
When you are the soil,
I become the seed planted
That grows deep in you,
When you search for God,
I am your faith and
the one who believes in you.

When you are hot,
I become the wind that cools,
When you are cold,
I become your warmest coat,
When you thirst,
I am your private oasis,
When you hunger,
I am your greatest feast.

This is love.


An Artist's Dream

Come paint me,
Bring your private brushes,
Stained in personal colours,
Show me the face that looks out
From all your canvases.

Do I sit or walk or lean?
How am I seen
Behind those screens
That look at me?

The unfathomable trying to fathom
me, naked and undisguised yet
Somehow hidden from your view,
Tell me what you will draw,
A saint, an angel, or a devil?

And when I look on
the picture you have drawn
What will I see
looking back at me?

Will I see joyful expectation
Or wan with waiting,
Desire dimmed by sorrow?
Or will I just be as I am,
Simply a man fulfilling a dream?


No Map To Love

Here we are,
life exists, and we
exist in life,
a continuous song
compositions contributed
by each newborn child's cry,

a journey began in love
centres on the search
of a mythical Eldorado,
where we trace the journey
through sense alone
and from legends heard
spoken by our parents
of this realm of love,

to which no map
drawn by human hand
can be found.


Quick Note

Just like love,
I can't hide from you,
Just like in my dreams,
Only with you I am truly free.

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