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Monday, May 22, 2006

Tarkan Spreads Like Wildfire

Something strange is happening on the northern side of an island in the Mediterranean.

Commercials on Turkish TV have been running the news for two days.

Tarkan billboards for May concert in northern CyprusEveryone is excited, counting the hours to a certain date. The press and the media, the citizen on the street, the gossip at coffeehouses, the medical chatter and legal talk all center around the second coming of a pop star on the 26 May.

The intense waiting is spreading like wildfire and even the sceptics are not immune.

People who would usually only listen to the tortuous sounds of arabesque in their cars, are now blasting out addictive tracks from his English language debut album.

Security guards stand on 24 hour watch over huge billboards that proclaim his coming, because students keep stealing them. Some wise guy will probably sell one on Ebay soon.

Of course it can't be just any pop star that's causing a commotion on this little island, the likes of which haven't been seen since 1997 when his Ölürüm Sana album was set to be released.

It can only be .

After having last been in this part of the world eight years ago, Tarkan is finally back in northern Cyprus on the first leg of his international tour, for a sell-out concert.

His appearance on the divided island doesn't recognise borders.

Extra customs officers will be stationed at the dividing border between the northern and southern sections to ensure the quick and smooth passage of Greek Cypriots from the south that have bought almost forty percent of the tickets.

Those citizens of the internationally recognized republic of Cyprus that haven't managed to buy tickets beforehand will try to buy from ticket touts at the door for double the price.

Meanwhile, eight huge lorries filled with equipment have already entered the little idyllic port town of Kyrenia that will host the event. A five thousand meter-wide concert arena is being prepared. Structures that are in the way are being carefully removed, to be replaced after the event.

He's coming closer to shake up the soil even more.

If you listen hard enough from your corner of the world, you might just hear it.

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