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Thursday, May 25, 2006

This Ancient Stanza

We ebb together by the sea's edge,
wet fingers caressing sandy hair,
you point to the stars in the sky,
whispering the names of legends,
while I explore another
sparkling night,
cradled deep in your eyes.

I follow an old tale
in those starlit sights,
worn well but not worn out
by age-old lovers,
of bodies searching
for physical benediction
to heal wounds from longing,
tenderly making whole again
the little girl and boy
clinging to old souls,
looking out to one another
from our eyes.

I read your glances,
they say love lives here,
all the signs
escort me to another country
when you smile slowly,
and with one touch
make me a poet,
as we add a line of our own
to this ancient stanza.

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