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Friday, May 26, 2006

Welcoming Heroes

the dream plays out
in cinematical slow motion:

you are in a room
seated at a table
looking at some pictures,
Chinese shutters holding back
dream shine fingers
haloing you with bright sunlight,
as I walk in
coming up behind you,
resting one hand on your shoulder,
while another hand
curls a bit of wayward hair
behind your shine speckled ear,
I kiss the back of your head
and ask you what you're doing,
you turn around to me
our eyes welcoming heroes,
you point to some photographs
on the table
and they are all of your eyes,
you say "pick one prince Ali"
and I point to the ones on your face
and say "I want them,"

it was such a beautiful dream,
that my tears woke me up smiling.

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