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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Pop Power

Best of Turkish Pop album cover sleeveThis is a small guide to Turkish pop music in general and some 2006 pop sounds coming out of Istanbul that you might enjoy sampling.

It's not a comprehensive guide, or a selection of personal taste. It is a quick glimpse to the past and present of popular sounds, introducing some pop music artists that the Istanbul music scene has attached merit to along with their successes.

Pop Trash vs Pop Stash

Creative expressions of mass circulation are generally going to be about quantity and not quality. So, by its nature there is a lot about popular culture that is trash.

Somewhere along the development process, trash becomes art and art becomes life. The low points of popular creativity come about when this process is reversed, but pop is pop.

Whether we like it or not, pop will always be popular, because even though it may sometimes get nostaligic, it is generally an energectic snapshot of the latest fad, the face of the now.

It is also the King, or Queen, of comebacks. Like cravings for greasy fries and coca-cola, you are drawn to it.

Turkish Pop Trash

Window Shopping in Taksim, Istanbul © Ben EdenTurkish popular culture has more than its fair share of quality stash and trashy throw away products.

Ranging from innovative ideas turning traditional treats into fast food (e.g. simit meets the pizza: Simitzza) and restuarants with celebrity parks, to the less sublime reality of TV programmes that churn out mindless vox pops from even more mindless fashion celebrities that seemed to have wandered aimlessly off the catwalk.

The line between real news and paparazzi gossip ever more blurred, hibernating in the safety of commercial success tame pop music provides an adequate soundtrack.

Turkish pop music reigns supreme on most major music channels. It can be a tortuous affair zapping through the catalogue of crapola, to actually find some quality.

This is especially true for people who do not speak the Turkish language. For the power of high-end pop music is usually in its lyrics, which makes the music resonate in the listener. Though the music must be good, too, for take the music away from the lyrics and you take away their oxygen.

So, take a deep breath, and take a journey into the realms of quality Turkish pop music.

Turkish Pop Stash

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