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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Selected Sonnets

Sonnet 84:
Let love slip away into a night where you can't follow

Let love slip away into a night
Where you can't follow. Let love die
A dignified death, give up the fight
To a certain horizon in a final sky:
Let me go! Don't force a heart to beat
If death of the spirit has no vaccine,
If passion is diseased by chronic defeat,
Then pull the plug on this life machine,
We have proven that forever love
Is only preserved in fairy tales,
So take the final step and remove
All signs of life from our details,
Sign my epitaph with your name,
And then sign yours the same.


Sonnet 75:
Your eyes are the centre around which my world turns

Your eyes are the centre around
Which my world turns. The sunrise deflected,
The stars in the moonlit sky abound,
All are enhanced countless times when reflected
From your violet coloured eyes.
There Heaven lies, I am born and buried there,
Held deep down connected in bountiful sighs,
Your looks tell me I have no need for air;
One touch from you makes me realise
All I was ever meant to be,
I am multiplied when your love is the prize,
How easily your beauty unravels my human complexity,
Unlocking all my secrets with a simple kiss,
And yet not so simple, to create such bliss.


Sonnet 21:
Let our hearts see what our eyes cannot

Let our hearts see what our eyes cannot,
Have faith in our most deepest house
That holds our strongest sense, for what
Will show you that I love you else
And for the rest of my life, and even after
I die? You're the heart where faith sleeps
And valour finds resolve, let summer laughter
And joyful desire write all our scripts,
Let nothing but your name make sense,
Place your lips to my eyes and heart,
Work into me and seal your essence;
Create from me your greatest work of art.
Bring all the awakenings of a newborn birth,
Let my touch make fertile this love's earth.

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