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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Bloodied Tale

History is a recurring story,
telling the same
bloodied tale
over and over again:

murderous crusades where
diversity is drowned
in shrapnel ships sailing
on blood red wine,
baptised in the name of God -

places of torture,
where only the owners change face,
the faces of the victims
always look the same,
whether Palestinian, Jew or Iraqi,

religions preach forgiveness
only for the converted few,
belief dons black for mourning not piety,
no bread for the starving war torn
in a city of last suppers for the hungry,

if being different is a sin,
why don't they blame Him,
who created this varying outer case
His own image seems to hate
so much in the first place?

For all the prophets
any God sends,
or the deadly results
our own experience extends
will not do any good,

because what kills
our humanity,
is that after centuries
of blood-letting
we haven't learnt a thing.

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