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Saturday, July 29, 2006


Human Worth

How much am I worth?

Does my price go up
depending on your
religious terms?

Will my humanity
only filter through
Christ's divinity
to you,
or do I need to
follow the tenets
of Islam
to be your brother?

If I were an
Israeli soldier
would my pound of flesh
be worth more
than a Lebanese baby?

If I were a dead Iraqi,
how many of me
would it take to gain
the visibility
of one military casualty?

Does a person's
net worth mean
nothing for simply being
somebody's child,
for just being human
like them,
like you, like me?

Will my shares
go down if I buy into
to a humanist allegory?


Undiscovered Countries

To Shakespeare
death is the undiscovered country
from which no traveller
has returned,

some have described
the future
as such a country,

but there is one more,
a place far less travelled,



Sush, Child

Sush, child,
die quietly,
as the bombs
burn the sky,

the real prophets
are you and I,
that are dying
before our time,
a darker blackness
for those left behind.

Sush, child,
close your eyes,
as the army tanks
rumble on by,

as Christianity
becomes nothing more
than affirmation of
American values,
and Islam remains
the double edge of
a terrorist's sword.

Sush, child
don't tremble,
your coffin cradle
rocks uneasily,

as good and evil
like black and white,
like death and life,
like you and I,
quickly blur
in the mix
of distant hands.

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