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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Educated Hearts

Educate my heart
to stay at street level
yet fly sky high,
to understand the supreme
importance of little things
and skip the grand lie,
to shy shame away from love
and to see the world richly,

teach my heart
that in the shallowness of the body
it can still beat deeply,
help me make my own way
yet be the second side to my story,
breathe reality into the myth of me:
keep showing me that fate only leads
some of the way to what is meant to be,

give me the courage to live
and learn from you,
loan me the credit of love
in lieu of the limits
to time and money, dare me,
draw a roadmap to treasure truth
and then spend it faithfully,
let loving define beauty
in synch with its own timing,

allow me to love you,
so when I die
I'll know I lived for something.

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