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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Harbiye's Historic Hours

By Adelind Osmanlı reporting from Munich, Germany

Tarkan on stageTarkan ended as he had begun the series of outdoor concerts at Harbiye, in an amazing show of sound and special effects, to a full capacity crowd on Friday evening.

Extending the series of Avea sponsored Istanbul Open Air Concerts for various artists by one day to fit in a fifth show - the run of appearances had originally been scheduled to end on the 24 August - Tarkan gave an explosive finale to a record-breaking run of his Harbiye takeover.

Istanbul has been giving the singer a standing ovation five nights out of five. For his final appearance fans applauded up on their feet for over ten minutes.

There was speculation that the F1 party before the Turkish GP that ran today would depelete crowd numbers for the final 25 August performance, however Tarkan's audience doubled the attendance at the VIP bash at nightclub Reina.

Newspaper sources report that all five shows were completely sold out, with an excess of 25,000 coming to watch his repeat peformances. A usually hostile Turkish press have been constantly raving about the artist's appearances, with Tarkan managing a massive PR coup in the city where his musical career began.

Swamped by fans as he was leaving the auditorium, Tarkan once again gave away accessory items. This time, however, Tarkan was seen sporting a tattoo - whether permanent or not is unclear at time of writing. Some fans were shocked and disappointed to see the word "Love" inked across his upper arm, and see it as his long term girlfriend Bilge Öztürk's 'bad influence' on the singer, who has had a permanent skin decoration for over two years.

Tarkan had opened the Harbiye concerts on August 7, and due to the high demand for tickets to see the artist, a further four dates had been added.

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