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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The First Chapter

a curve of
the eyebrow,
a quick glance,

naked feet
dainty sandals,

a familiar touch
on bare

a passionate
you and I.

* * *

in books of
memory this is
the first page,

the first chapter
when I saw you
and touched you,

soft voices of
intuitive physicality
dictating you to me,

reminding me of love,
a dim memory on the
tip of my tongue.

* * *

music from the moon
and scented
candles from the sun,

worlds remade,
tropical storms
and hot winds,

sombre mountains
with rainbow rains,

kissing you, and
swimming through
seas of song.

* * *

hearts swapped
as souvenirs saved
for remembrance,

all places are
foreign shores
without you,

hope alone
is abandoned on
a desert isle,

waiting for dawn
to spread its wings to
clear away the mist.

* * *

a missing mind sleeping
with thoughts of you
to remember dreaming,

a heart and soul
distilled into
unfulfilled longing,

their cold feet
standing on fields
of frost,

lost shivering,
yearning for a
second chapter's thaw.

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