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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Supplement: A Social Commentary

Iraq's Had One to Many 9/11s

Bush in Salt Lake City: war must be wonAs a former CIA officer, suing US Vice-President Dick Cheney and others over the leaking of her identity after her husband criticised the use of intelligence before the war in Iraq, says the government "betrayed" her trust, the heavy criticism directed towards US President George W Bush from all areas in light of the upcoming anniversary of the September 11 attacks is no coincidence.

Sadly, 9/11 will always be synonymous with Iraq, with the prisons at Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib, the treatment of prisoners and secret prisons, even when Iraq was neither the reason for the attacks nor the reason Bush invaded the country.

The Bush administration had argued differently when the invasion was announced. Then, it was about weapons of mass destruction. Terrorism floated only in the background as a nightmare in which a rogue state might give some terrorist nuclear weapons.

Now, Iraq has been declared the frontline which has to be held or it will move to the streets of America.

Instead of simply remembering the courageous innocent that died in New York and Washington, some Americans will also be mindful that innocent Iraqis are dying in the place of innocent Americans in a country that had no connection with the September attackers until after America invaded it.

And Finally...

Meanwhile, amongst the news of claims that food allergies could be 'gone in 10 years' and a man was forced to 'marry' a goat, catching interest are investigations into the origins of mystical belief and the bodily obstacles facing politicians finding it difficult to lie.

Now, who would've guessed that politicians find it difficult to lie?

Picture courtesy of BBC News.

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