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Friday, October 20, 2006

Belly Fire

What I Am

I'm a sunlight wind,
a constant burning
leaving solar scars,

I'm a conquered moon,
stealing energy
from the brightest stars,

I'm a cycle of phases,
time's emotional tides
in tune with nature's song,

I'm the pull of gravity,
touching the core of
where I truly belong,

I'm a curious raindrop,
questioning the cloud
as to why it made me,

I'm human capability,
in changing degrees of
unity and inhumanity,

I'm a mixture of dew,
feverished kisses on
lips yearning skin,

I'm a friction of pores,
locked in frisson and
lost loudly lovemaking,

I'm blinding passion,
seeing enough to shine
the hosts their way,

I'm a little dark boy,
with a belly fire that
warms at close of day.


Humanity's Hue

there is no guaranteed glory in love,
no final prize or driven
heartrace to everwin contests,
it is a calculation of dark sums
subtracting two, and leaving
less than one in lieu,

there are no special schools for love,
for in school lessons are given
before the test, in love the tests
are endured first and then comes
the educating, and simply learning
well means a different test to do,

yet souls need none other than love,
for the centre cannot stay hidden
tucked away in pulsing chests,
even if a wrong cue numbs
the trusting, it's in honest loving
humanity finds its truest hue.



not to be a hero
or a boast more
than I am,
simply because
you're worth
dying for
makes it true:
I'd die for you.

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