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Monday, October 23, 2006

A Song of Scent

I would wrap my arms
around you as we lay together,
love's commentary a luminescent
linchpin on each other's skin,
a veneer stretched across our chemistry,
hearts levitating in our chests and
expectation yet buzzing, excited as
humming birds beating out
in the business of drinking nectar,

we stood our souls out even further,
sign-bonding words in confession,
allowing our deliquescent bodies
to burn away all expectation,
passionate horizontal stances
bridging all earthly distances
between me to you to the unseen,
feet firmly off the ground, and
with no borders left to surround us,

I would touch your teasing face
and press it upwards to mine,
tongue kisses a dictional embrace
speaking with designs to defy the limits
of lips, a pouting eclipse to a deeper devise
to open up the heavens in closed eyes,
while postcards of need stamped
with tenets of sunfire were sent on heated
breath, from addiction's door to a higher rise,

becoming a physical surmise of wishes,
a raindance desire to clap hands
in a call to flying clouds, our eyelashes
served as soft sheltering strands
catching rainfall from two houses unbowed,
in a homemade storm we danced regardless
on shaking porches, beauty's lineament
reprised in a song of scent, we would use
up the night, leaving nothing unspent.

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