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Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Tragedy Next Door

Tragedy is a close friend of the news.

Alongside a fatal shooting at US Amish school at the start of the week, reports detail Darfur dying from neglect and another stark reminder of Germany's Hitler past with the discovery of a Nazi mass grave.

Tragicomic shenanigans of the world's executive body rule the headlines too, as a kinky candidacy stirs up a Texas political race and US Republicans work on damage control on the back of a scandal-hit lawmaker in rehabilitation.

George W Bush may also need rehab after his term in office expires, as options on Iraq become exceedingly limited and North Korea announces it is "to conduct a nuclear test".

Plus in Europe, headlines report a Serbian party that has quit over a hunted war criminal and former British cabinet minister Jack Straw has started a debate on the Islamic dress code for women, sparking anger about his comments regarding the veil in Europe.

Continuing with politics, in arts and entertainment this week US cinemas reject a UK film about Bush, Pakistani President Musharraf's book draws a mixed response and a BBC correspondent describes the winners and losers of modern Russia.

Meanwhile in science and technology, the headlines have ranged from a new generation of battery power and questions about who is in charge of the Net to studies ranging from how untidy beds may keep us healthy to award-winning penguin poo and teen repellent. Fossil hunters also score high while in the Arctic and delving deep into Britain's past.

And finally, if you still haven't had enough, rouse your curiosity by reading new insults for the English language in Britain alongside how "wrap rage" is hitting the over-50s in the UK, Neil Armstrong got the Moon quote right and whether alcohol consumption affects pregnancy.

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