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Monday, November 27, 2006

Dark Eyes Don't Lie

Look into my eyes,
passion labours at the loom
to earn your bread.

Radiant cheeks are
veiled in fire,
my eyelashes
pinched at the top,
black almonds glitter
at pinpoints.

Look into my eyes,
be a little afraid,
excited some.

See all deeds
they've done,
the spoils they've won,
fill all with
hope and trust,
iris coloured life-blood,
a capturing black hole.

Look into my eyes,
as curved as a Turk's sword,
wielding a warrior's cry.

A bull roars on,
eyes are jet,
set in crystal rings of snow,
a black and flaming torch,
unchanging gems
swallow all
changing light.

Look into my eyes,
and know when we kiss,
these dark eyes don't lie.

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